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 Reiki is one of many alternative therapies based on the biofield, a type of energy system flowing in and around the body. Developed in Japan by Dr. Mikao Usui, the Japanese term Rei-ki translates to Universal Life Force Energy. Reiki is a gentle healing energy that accelerates the body's natural healing process for the mind, body, and spirit. 



How Reiki Can Help You

As Reiki a practitioner I am specially trained to attune with the vibration of Reiki. Much like radio or TV, these energy waves go unnoticed until we tune in (or attune) to the correct station. Acting as a conduit, I submit Reiki through my hands and onto the recipient's energy body in order to clear energy blockages and balance the body's energy system. 


Our energy body is the systematic energy flow through meridians and chakras, or energy centers, that run throughout our physical body. The seven major chakras correlate with the seven glands of the endocrine system. These glands regulate the activity of cells and organs, affecting the body's metabolism, growth and development, tissue function, sexual function, reproduction, sleep, mood, and much more! 


Our energy system can be affected in many ways. True needs, desires, emotions, limiting beliefs, and trauma that goes untended to can cause chakras to become blocked or effect the flow of energy. A balanced flow of energy is essential for the health of the mind, emotions, and body. Also please remeber while Reiki balances the chakras, it is not a substitute for conventional medicine. Instead an addition. Reiki healing.



How will the session go?

Reiki is performed on a provided massage table or comfortable area like a sofa or recliner. I may use crystals, essential oils, Tibetan singing bowls, light meditation music, and a heating pad for extra relaxation.  You will be led into a light meditation to clear the mind and feel relaxed. Using light touch healing, I place my hands in various areas on or above the body, focusing also on each energy center, balancing the flow of energy from the crown to the root chakra. 


While a Reiki session is mostly relaxing, so relaxing that it is common to drift off to sleep, the sensations of Reiki are unique to each individual and can be felt in many ways. Slight changes in temperature, light tingling or pulsing sensations, and seeing colors and light, are common experiences felt as the Reiki balances your energy system. Emotional release is also common, and allowing these emotions to come to surface so they can be released is fundamental in one's unique healing process. 


Time is allotted before and after each session to talk about questions and concerns, or to process anything that comes up pertaining to your healing journey along the way! This discussion includes any sensations or colors that I experienced.




My name is Liza. 

I am a master practitioner in Usui  Reiki

I am certified and also practice :

Crystal Reiki

Color Therapy Rieki

Lemurian Light and Reiki of the Atlanteans

and now, Medical/Surgical Reiki.

I  am  also  certified  in  EFT  and  TFT

Member IARP

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+623-499-4190 I can also be found in Santa Cruz CA And Corozal Town Belize